Title IX Investigator Training – T9 Mastered

Title IX Investigator Training

T9 Mastered, Inc. is a training program for Title IX campus investigators that PII has formed in a joint venture with attorneys Sue Ann Van Dermyden and Deborah Maddux of Sacramento.  Title IX investigations are unique; there is nothing in law enforcement or civil litigation quite like them. They combine aspects of civil and criminal investigation with approaches used in psychology for victims of trauma and stress.   Investigators also need to understand newly developed college policies and procedures that address Title IX violations. Title IX complaints demand a hybrid investigation and call for a specialized training that incorporates all these perspectives.

Investigators are accustomed to understanding and evaluating facts, and the T9 Mastered training uses a single factual scenario throughout its three-day program as the framework for reviewing all critical stages of an investigation. Using this factual scenario, trainees are taken through practical, hands-on exercises, going step-by-step through the investigation, reviewing the initial intake materials, planning an investigation, conducting the interviews, collecting relevant documents, drafting the report, and appearing at a hearing.

The course draws upon its instructors’ decades of combined experience, and includes real world examples for teaching purposes.

T9 Mastered has provided training to hundreds of Title IX investigators from around the country, at both public and private colleges and universities.  In August 2016, T9 Mastered provided training for the Title IX coordinators and investigators assigned to the 23 campuses of the California State University system.

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