Litigation Support

Whether the case is civil or criminal, before a judge or a jury, or being tried in state or federal court, the basic techniques of investigation are the same.  To be successful, litigators need investigators who will locate witnesses, conduct interviews, dig up documents, discover leads, and think analytically and creatively about the case.

With over 30 years of experience, the fundamentals of good investigative work are second nature to PII, and PII investigators know they can never take anything for granted.  Each case is the same, but each case is different.  The truth rarely presents itself easily.  But integrity, skill and hard work still pay off.

As part of the litigation team PII can:

• Locate witnesses
• Conduct interviews
• Draft and secure signed declarations
• Serve subpoenas
• Search databases and court records
• Conduct surveillance
• Conduct background checks
• Collect video and photographic evidence
• Consult with attorneys on jury selection
• Testify at trial
• Investigate jury misconduct
• Research and write evidence reports
• Coordinate complex, multi-party investigations