Faculty & Staff Misconduct

From allegations of graduate school deans engaging in sexual misconduct to complaints of janitorial staff experiencing discriminatory treatment, PII has conducted investigations in academia at every level.

PII has expertise in working with the procedural rights of faculty, particularly at public institutions and in unionized environments. PII’s team of investigators has addressed a broad range of allegations involving faculty and staff at colleges, universities, local school districts and both public and private K-12 schools.

PII has investigated complaints that:

• A college botany professor was sexually harassing a female student, including sending her suggestive text messages and pressuring her to see him socially.
• A high school teacher was accessing a large amount of pornography on campus computers.  Working with a computer forensics expert, PII concluded that the allegations were unfounded.
• A college basketball coach was accused of abusive conduct, bullying, and mishandling the care of an injured player.
• A female adjunct professor working in a male-dominated field was denied a full-time faculty position because of her gender and ethnicity.

Case in Point

A professor at a public university was accused of sexually inappropriate conduct with female students, including attempting to kiss them, and grabbing their buttocks. The professor allegedly brought a female student from Spain back to his home on the pretext of talking with her about her schoolwork, and attempted to have sex with her.  After an extensive PII investigation, the professor resigned his position.

Case in Point

The groundskeeper at a private high school accused the human resources department of discriminating against him based on his Latino background in refusing to promote him to a supervisor position.  He also alleged that campus staff made racial comments to him and about him.  After a thorough investigation, PII found all of the allegations to be unfounded.