Campus Sexual Misconduct

Large public universities, small private colleges, and local community colleges have all retained PII to conduct neutral fact-finding investigations of allegations of student and faculty sexual misconduct. The firm’s extensive experience in human rights, civil rights and workplace sexual harassment investigations, combined with its expertise in criminal defense investigation, gives PII a unique skill set.

With significant experience interviewing those who may have been exposed to trauma in a variety of contexts, PII investigators bring sensitivity and perspective to this difficult work.

Additionally, PII investigators have extensive training in conducting sexual misconduct investigations, including certifications from the T9 Mastered training, and the Association of Title IX Administrators (ATIXA) training.  This training includes trauma informed interview techniques and updates on best practices for investigating intimate partner violence and stalking allegations.

With its 30-year history of delving into allegations involving civil rights, human rights, or criminal violations, PII is distinct from the law firms that handle Title IX investigations as an ancillary component of their overall legal representation of colleges and universities.  PII has specific experience related to conducting trauma-informed forensic interviews, and investigating complaints of sexual assault, intimate partner violence, stalking, and sexual exploitation.  PII’s expertise gives its investigators the tools to achieve thorough and balanced investigations that go a long way toward addressing the concerns of all the involved parties.

For institutions facing pressure from the competing demands of governmental regulators, students, legal counsel, faculty organizations, parents, alumni, and donors, PII has the experience and credentials to satisfy all the stakeholders in the campus community.

Case in Point

A female student at a private college invited a male student back to her room where he allegedly raped her following a sorority event. The woman visited a nearby hospital where a rape kit was prepared, and she reported the matter to the campus and to local police.  The man stated that the sexual encounter was a consensual one.  Following a PII investigation, the college expelled the male student.

Case in Point

A female student at a public college accused another female student of sexually assaulting her, stating that she was incapacitated at the time because of a combination of alcohol and drugs.

The two women previously had a consensual sexual relationship, however, the complainant alleged that relationship ended before the alleged incident occurred.  PII conducted an extensive investigation and presented its findings at a campus disciplinary hearing, which found that the allegations were unfounded.