Public Sector

Public agencies are under immense pressure to get it right when allegations of misconduct come to light.  They face intense scrutiny from the media, elected officials, and community stakeholders.  Civil Service rules, union contracts, due process requirements, and federal and state laws may all play roles in these investigations, which are often conducted in sensitive and emotionally charged political environments.  PII brings credibility, discretion, objective analysis, a wide knowledge of public sector requirements, and years of experience to these cases.

PII’s public-sector experience includes investigations into allegations of fraud, bid rigging, misuse of public funds, whistle-blower complaints, discrimination, sexual harassment, and violations of health and safety regulations.

A partial list of PII’s public-sector clients includes Social Security Administration, State of California, Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department, University of California, several community colleges districts, Los Angeles Police Department, California State University, Los Angeles County Fire Department, District of Columbia Department of Health Services, Los Angeles Unified School District, and Metropolitan Water District of Southern California.  PII is also frequently retained by private law firms that act as city attorneys for municipalities throughout California.