PII Investigations in Recent Court Rulings on Title IX

PII Investigations in Recent Court Rulings on Title IX

October 18, 2019

Investigations completed by Public Interest Investigations, Inc. (PII) were part of two recent decisions by California courts. In both instances, PII investigated allegations of sexual assault at Occidental College. In John Doe v. Occidental College, B282292 and B284707, appellate courts ruled in the college’s favor, finding that its disciplinary process was fair.

In each case, the college asked PII to investigate a Title IX complaint and prepare a fact-based report. The report then went to the college’s hearing officer, who used it during the hearing process.

PII has been at the forefront of the Title IX process and has conducted more than 100 such investigations at public and private colleges and K-12 schools. These two recent court decisions are important and provide significant guidance to educators on due process, bias, and the roles of the investigator and the hearing officer.

Read the published decisions here: