Workplace Violence / Bullying

Government agencies of all kinds call on PII to investigate threats of violence and employee bullying in the workplace.  PII has investigated reports of bullying by elected officials, supervisors, co-workers, and college faculty, as well as “hostile work environments” allegations in government offices.  The firm is affiliated with threat assessment experts, which positions PII to analyze any situation, and bring in licensed security guards to secure facilities and personnel, when necessary.

PII’s investigations include allegations involving:

• A city council member who was accused of abusive and bullying behavior towards his staff, including losing his temper, shouting, and berating personnel while demanding immediate action for his seemingly petty requests.
• A special education teacher who accused a local school district of failing to provide adequate protection against a potentially violent student.
• An administrator at a public works department who accused a co-worker of physically threatening behavior, including leaving anonymous notes at his desk, bumping up against him in a hallway, and lurking near his car in the parking lot.
• Two mechanics engaged in a fistfight at a police vehicle yard, following a long simmering dispute. One mechanic was immediately terminated, but the organization asked PII to address questions about the role of the other mechanic, and the workplace environment overall.

Case in Point

A college basketball coach at a public university was accused of abusive conduct, bullying and mishandling the care of injured players.  PII was asked to conduct a prompt but thorough investigation, included interviewing former and current players, reviewing relevant documents, emails and texts, and observing the coach while performing his job.  After PII presented the results of its investigation, the university suspended the coach and required him to go to counseling before returning to his position.