Title IX / Education

Title IX Investigations

The sensitive nature of Title IX complaints requires investigations to be prompt, thorough, impartial, and respectful of the rights of all parties.  PII has conducted numerous investigations under Title IX, including student complaints of sexual misconduct by other students and student complaints of teachers or coaches engaging in harassment or discrimination.  Private colleges, public universities, community colleges and public and private high schools have turned to PII to investigate incidents occurring in classrooms, campus housing, and off-campus settings.


In addition to conducting investigations for schools concerning sexual harassment, discrimination, and retaliation, PII has probed whistle-blower complaints of school construction on potentially toxic sites, complaints of bullying by teachers and students, and complaints filed pursuant to Uniform Complaint Procedures.   Within the framework set by a school’s policies and procedures, PII quickly develops an understanding of specific educational culture while maintaining critical objectivity to determine the facts.