Court-Supervised Monitoring

With thirty years’ experience and a record of unimpeachable integrity, PII is frequently asked to monitor both public and private organizations of all sizes, to help them fulfill their obligations in court settlements at the local, state and federal level.  Whether it is an industrial site required to meet environmental regulations, a police department required to meet hiring regulations, or a private corporation ordered to address endemic civil rights violations, PII has worked with courts, U.S. Department of Justice officials and company executives to both monitor court ordered compliance and develop metrics for reporting on compliance.

Case in Point

A federal court judge appointed PII’s president, Keith Rohman, as the monitor to oversee the Orange County Jail’s compliance with court orders in Pierce v. County of Orange regarding the County’s treatment of disabled inmates. PII staff monitored the jail’s performance over a two-year period, working with both the custody officers and lieutenants and other managers on changes to jail procedures and physical design.

Case in Point

After the Denny’s restaurant chain settled two widely publicized racial discrimination lawsuits with the U.S. Department of Justice, the court appointed a Civil Rights Monitor to oversee the Consent Decree settlement.  The Monitor’s office was charged with investigating subsequent customer complaints of discrimination, and turned to PII as a principal investigator to assist her office.  Over a five-year period, PII conducted investigations of customer complaints in over 30 states across the U.S., interviewing customers, staff, and reviewing relevant records.  The Monitor’s office relied on PII investigations to monitor aspects of the company’s compliance.  After the Consent Decree expired, Denny’s retained PII to continue to investigate customer complaints for several more years, an indication that the company itself had come to rely on PII’s balanced and effective investigations.