Workplace Investigations

During its 30-year history, PII has conducted investigations in every type of workplace.  Whether the complaint involves boardroom executives, middle managers, or workers on the factory floor, discerning the truth in workplace investigations is frequently difficult and often of great consequence.  Whether the allegations involve discrimination, sexual harassment, violence, bullying, intimidation, fraud, embezzlement, theft, safety and environmental issues, or unauthorized sharing of trade secrets, PII has experience investigating it.

PII’s investigators are sensitive to the client’s organizational culture and needs and adapt quickly to the specific concerns and protocols of each business environment. They carefully plan the steps of the investigation, consider every detail, and provide clients with a fair and complete inquiry that will withstand the close scrutiny of key stakeholders.

PII has been asked to investigate when:

•    A high-ranking executive was accused of sexual harassment by his assistant and three other employees.
•    A major hospital corporation experienced problems with supervisor conduct, employee morale, and violations of regulatory requirements.
•    A chain of automotive repair facilities faced allegations from a whistleblower claiming the business engaged in a widespread failure to comply with toxic waste disposal requirements.
•    A trading firm faced allegations that an employee altered internal records required by securities regulators.

Case in Point

A non-profit corporation retained PII to investigate its bookkeeper, who was accused of being “difficult and disagreeable.”  After multiple employee interviews, PII found the bookkeeper was involved in a series of escalating confrontations with employees at all levels in the firm, refusing to talk to many of her co-workers, and threatening to burn down the houses of those she did talk to.   The threat of arson became grounds for her dismissal.