Employment Litigation

Frequently, the evidence needed to prevail in an employment lawsuit is hidden in a mass of documents, or in the testimony of reluctant coworkers who may no longer work for the company involved.  In situations like this, PII becomes an essential part of an attorney’s litigation team.  Locating witnesses, conducting interviews, obtaining signed declarations, developing leads, analyzing and organizing masses of evidence to show otherwise obscured patterns and trends, PII knows how to work timely and within budget to achieve the litigation team’s goals.

Case in Point

In support of attorneys litigating a sexual harassment case against a car dealership, PII investigators located a recently retired employee who was willing to be interviewed.  After a careful initial interview, the retired employee agreed to a full-length interview, providing testimony that supported the plaintiff.  This had a decisive impact on the case.

Case in Point

A major public transportation agency was accused of unfairly terminating a security guard for submitting fraudulent overtime records.  PII was retained by defense counsel to conduct an exhaustive review of overtime records for over 80 employees, as well as a review of the agency’s own internal audit of these records.  Following a six-month investigation and review of the records, PII president, Keith Rohman, testified as an expert witness that the time records supported the defense’s contention that the plaintiff was properly terminated.