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Snapshots From the New Title IX Regulations

On August 14, 2020, the U.S. Department of Education’s (DOE) new Title IX regulations are scheduled to take effect. The new regulations include important changes to what Title IX requires for Complainants and Respondents, giving campuses a lot to consider this summer as they prepare for the next school term.

Being Trauma-Informed in the Time of COVID

Trauma comes in all shapes and sizes, and as investigators we see it all. Whether it is someone reporting a sexual assault in a Title IX investigation, a mitigation witness in a death penalty case, or the survivor of an auto accident, investigators regularly encounter the impact of trauma. Some people we interview have suffered trauma unrelated to our investigation, such as loss of a loved one or childhood abuse….

Lights. Camera. Join Meeting.

Most of us are no longer worried about traffic, parking, and whether the meeting room will be too hot or too cold. After weeks of social distancing, our home and work environments have merged. Video conferencing is now a daily event, but it comes with unexpected minefields. Will the dog go ballistic when the mail…

Video Interviews: We Got This

With California under a stay-at-home order and our physical offices temporarily closed, PII’s team has transitioned to conducting business largely by video conference. We now gather remotely for weekly staff meetings and hold case management meetings over Zoom. While it is new for our staff to interact with each other this way, conducting investigations by…

Welcome to The PII Blog

All of us conduct investigations in our lives: Is my teenager lying? Is grandfather being scammed by the home improvement company? Is someone stealing the office supplies? Is the car mechanic overcharging? You get the picture. Gathering facts and solving conundrums is a universal experience. For us, it’s also a day at the office (or…