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Organizations, no matter the size, do not always have the available staff to find important information that can drive key decisions.  PII assists businesses in fact-finding projects that are not necessarily connected to violations of law or internal corporate policies.  We have assisted corporations by conducting environmental audits of individual departments experiencing high staff turn-over, assisted law firms by contacting potential class action litigants across the U.S., and assisted organizations by researching public records to provide a clear picture of their public profile.

After developing a research plan, PII will:

• Conduct in-person or telephone interviews.
• Make site visits.
• Catalogue and review documents.
• Conduct background research on complex topics.
• Design and maintain databases.
• Present research findings.

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Case in Point

The directors of a popular entertainment venue were concerned that their facility was developing an unwarranted reputation for criminal activity, and retained PII to examine this issue more closely.  PII accessed annual crime statistics for similar entertainment sites located in several police jurisdictions throughout Southern California.  Based on this data, PII prepared a report that gave management a realistic view of the severity of the problem and an understanding of how its venue compared with other organizations, allowing managers to make concrete decisions regarding security, prepare a public relations protocol and a litigation strategy.